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This is Unconventional Dice’s blog. Here we show many of the projects we make, trying to push the boundaries of what is made now at the dice industry. We employ techniques out of reach to the big companies, wich are so complex and skill demanding that no machine will be able, ever, to do them.

Also, we use exotic materials like Carbon Fiber, and aeronautic aluminium, to achieve finishes and shapes never seen before. Some of our dice would look at home inside a Sports car, or a space station ^^

Our main techniques for doing dice are the following:

  • Metal inlaid dice: You’ll get pure awesomeness in a small package. Unique in the world, they have real brass or copper inlaid in the dice. The metal reflections just shine them out of the ordinary.
  • Metal machined dice: Using aerospace aluminium alloy, we do some amazing precision works for dice you will not see anywhere else.
  • Printed dice: Using an innovative technique developed by us, we can print any black and white image on a clear colored die. Fairly resistant and super cheap!.
  • One or more of the above: We love to do dice, that means sometimes we will get wild and just create. Our Structural Integrity, Industrial Fantasy dice and Carbon Fiber dice, fall in that category.
  • Metal etched dice: Highly experimental technique with a lot of potential. We apply a mask over the aluminium die and then we apply a etching acid over the surface, leaving all uncovered areas with a grey finish wich will stand out a lot and is wear resistant.

  • Lasered dice (almost finished machine): We built a miniature laser engraver for this purpose and we will soon have this type of dice avaliable.

Many of our dice are for sale on our shop. Some are not, if you want a non listed die, a quote for a custom project or just a channel to ask a question, shot us an email:


You can also go to our main page, and check the complete blog. On top right you will find links to everything, reviews, other blogs, etc…

To get news from our latest creations, you have the following channels:

  • Blog’s feed: Updated on alternate days, 4 new dice/prototypes a week!
  • Twitter: We do not say much through twitter, our comments being mainly “Blog update->” ^^
  • Facebook: Here we post ideas, prototypes, failed concepts, facts and random photos about us and the dice we make.

3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Tell me of balance. How random are your dice (rolling)?

    • I do sand the faces of each blank the same number of times, on all four directions to make sure all the faces stay true. I do weight the pieces of the die and try to always make them the same. In extreme cases, I have added small steel weights to achieve balance.
      Apart from that, I have never received a complaint about dice balance. After more than 130 sales, should there be any problem, it would have surfaced already :3

  2. Greetings love the dice, wish i was in the market for some, but alas the obamaconomy has hurt my extra cash flow for now. I was wondering if you ever worked on 3, 5 7 or even 9 sided dice? I designed a pattern and showed it to gamescience years ago hoping to get a job and they stole the idea, altered it (theirs didnt work- might have been the martketing) slightly and failed to cause a fad. Sadly enough when there was a lot of dice being sold. good luck and I am curious,,, and shall buy dice in the future im sure. love the alum. and carbon fiber

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