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Structural Integrity.


I thought, no words might do justice to the beauty of this die, so instead of my usual text introduction, this time, I just stamped the main pic here. More after the pause. Advertisements

Gearwheel dice ready


Today I worked hard and the dice came up pretty well. They just needed a softer touch. ^^ Even with my crappy camera, I managed to take some good pictures. Price will be 7€ each. Enjoy the pics. Take me to the shop Remember to vote on the dice poll!

First Steampunk dice units.


Well, after a full day of work, here are the first six dice. Some have misaligned gears (most notably, the “1” gear, with that much surface has a persistent tendency to do some aquaplaning while i insert them). 3 of them will go to Stargazers to celebrate the presentation of Gears, a generic roleplaying rules […]

Poll theme winner: Steampunk die.


I would like to thank all who voted. This week’s die will be a cogwheel one. Each number represented with the number of spokes it has. Production will start on Monday, and it will go for sale on wednesday. (it’s my favourite day for updates on the shop ^^  ) Also, I’ll be resetting the […]