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Have you ever played a Frankensteinesque character in the verge of reanimating a corpse? Do you have an Igor as henchman? Your steampunk tesla coil needs some damage measuring gauge?… If so, this might do the trick: At the time of writing, a better design came to my mind, however, I had used up all […]

Emergency dice business card


I sell all my dice through internet. That said, it is clear that I have no need for business cards. Anyhow, I have been two or three times in need of such item, just to publicize a bit. Being the creative type, I’d love to do a super fancy card, but that is really expensive, […]

Shop things…


Well…today I’ve got teeth pain, so no dice were made (can’t concentrate enough on a repetitive precision task), instead, I did a more creative work to focus on anything except my teeth. “Wtf is that?” you might have thought. Well, it’s a dual axis die spinner. It’s purpose is to become a photorealistic animated gif […]

Resistance is futile


Altough it’s not finished, this borg replicator unit is rapidly assimilating how a D4 should be. In time it will grow numbers on its sides, and transform anything and anyone into borg gamers. ^^ Joking apart, today was a baaaaaad day…wrong descriptions in ebay products, dentist issues, not finding the materials you need on a […]

Structural Integrity.


I thought, no words might do justice to the beauty of this die, so instead of my usual text introduction, this time, I just stamped the main pic here. More after the pause.

Isn’t it nice…


…when holes are perfectly round? More testing is being done on the fabrication process…but it is getting progressively better ^^. The die is still unnamed, but officially known as “The hollow die”…when finished, I hope to give it a decent name. Should I put it for preorder? At 45€ a piece, I don’t think so…^^U […]

Halfway there.


Today, while doing brass dice, I had some spare time, and did a quick test of an idea drawn long ago on my sketchbook. I hope you find it interesting. Also, I got creative with a powerled I had around the table… Don’t ask why, I did two wallpapers… 1024*768 1080*1920 If anyone uses it…let […]