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I’m fireproof… You’re not.


–BPRD stands for: Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. And is an organization charged with protecting America and the world from the occult, paranormal and supernatural. It maintains the services of several supernatural persons, including Hellboy.- I love to read BPRD comics from time to time. For me, it’s like someone kicking Old Ones minions’s […]

My little copperthulhu


Vacations are over, and with them, troubles and great times too. The laser is not working yet, but the manufacturer told me to keep the 1200mW laser, to compare and realize tests between it and the new superfocused 650nm laser (160mW, that I have yet to receive). so, basically, I’ll have two lasers to play […]

“Enter title here”


Last post, made fun of Joker’s catchphrase…this thime, we got someone looking for him. A long time request from a friend, finally got it’s way into production schedule. He requested for a simplistic vision, and loved it when I handled it to him. Also, for the grand opening party of “El Nucli” (MTG and boardgame […]

Fail revisit: “Want to know more?”


If you have been here long enough, you know what I’m talking about ^^. For the newcomers: In the beginning there was a dicecreator full of dreams, with newborn techniques to do new dice finishes. But noone borns wise, and sometimes, the techniques backfired. The “Starship Troopers” tribute was one of those. My first ever […]

Tons of dice ^^


Well, not literally “tons”, but given my usual output, they are quite some. New at the shop are: Transmetropolitan die. (only two, but I will make more) Complete aluminium even sided set from D4 up to D14 (buyer chooses color) Sci-Fi FUDGE dice sets, on brass, and as an exclusive, in copper! 3 units of […]

Let’s barter!


Would you like to play your wargaming battles with one or more of this one? Then, we might make a deal… Games Workshop enforces their copyright very ferociously, but they can’t do anything if I barther them for other things I need. ^^ As some might know, I like RC airplanes a lot, and after […]

One thing at a time.


Well, today I dedicated myself to do only one thing, a really nice starchart, not yesterday’s crappy ones. This picture is self explanatory. This is Sparta! better, the only drawback being that a single die costs a lot more, but it’s worth the price tag I think. Sometimes, when doing the first prototypes, I forget […]

Epic Fail.


Well, we all know that when a product enters production, some of the quality is lost… This time however, that loss has been too much, rendering some good dice into tiny paperweights.They say you learn from failures…but nobody remembers how bad you will feel. See you tomorrow.

Ïa Ïa, Cthulhu Fhtagn!


I’ve been always a huge fan of lovecraft. I loved the horrors he depicted, and enjoyed the tachycardia that “Graveyard rats*” gave me on a clear sunday noon. As an exception to my usual design process, in wich I try to be as independent as I can, this time I accepted a face design from […]

Multithemed die. A_custom order history


Some time ago, Martin, from Engine Publishing, contacted me about making some custom dice (what else!? ^^ ) for a contest thei’ll be running in a near future. We went from a company specific design, to a more generic themed dice, in a couple brainstorming emails. Now that it is finished, I caught him saying […]