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Bipyramid D6


Some time ago, I showed a test prototype of this same die. Today, I give you the completed one. I agree that the die might benefit from bigger numbers, since there is plenty of area to do so. Unfortunately, numeric punches are not cheap, and a good set could have been easily, the cost of […]

Emergency dice business card


I sell all my dice through internet. That said, it is clear that I have no need for business cards. Anyhow, I have been two or three times in need of such item, just to publicize a bit. Being the creative type, I’d love to do a super fancy card, but that is really expensive, […]

Watchmen Dice: Comedian.


Many have classified the Comedian as the only character in the Watchmen universe who is almost totally unlikeable. He is unrepentingly evil and for the most part he gets away with it. Since he is the first one to die on the graphic novel, he will be the first one to have a die. Also […]

Brotherhood of Steel die.


Just a quick update (today i’m out of time for everything!!)  I hope you like it. Some bubbles formed between the gears of the symbol, I think it was my fault while trying to speed up things…too much work today.

Dice winner: Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel.


Being a Post apocalyptic fan (my girlfriend would say “junkie” ^^ ) I’m really going to enjoy making this weeks winner. For those who do not know what Brotherhood of Steel is, they are a human faction in a somewhat anachronistic and post apocaliptic alternate reality, set in the EEUU 50’s.  They hunt for thechnology […]

Halo die.


After recovering these past days from my worst theeth pain ever, today i got my hands dirty again and crafted the promised HALO die for you all. Hopefully, next week die will be done on schedule ^^. Weekly theme poll.

February 14th dice winner: Halo die.


With a super record of 500+ visits this week, it’s a little discouraging that only 9 people have voted this week. Some friends of mine, have complained they thought that it was an advertisement, so they did ignore the colorful “thing” at the side of the blog. I will adopt these new measures to ensure […]

Les Chroniques de Sillage. (Wake comic)


Today, while discovering the endless possibilities that newfound efficiency brings, I opted to do a die not directly related to military. Sillage is a hard science fiction graphic novel, where a human girl called Nävis, goes from a total primitive life in an abandoned forest planet, to become a special agent more or less like […]

Gearwheel dice ready


Today I worked hard and the dice came up pretty well. They just needed a softer touch. ^^ Even with my crappy camera, I managed to take some good pictures. Price will be 7€ each. Enjoy the pics. Take me to the shop Remember to vote on the dice poll!

First Steampunk dice units.


Well, after a full day of work, here are the first six dice. Some have misaligned gears (most notably, the “1” gear, with that much surface has a persistent tendency to do some aquaplaning while i insert them). 3 of them will go to Stargazers to celebrate the presentation of Gears, a generic roleplaying rules […]