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Bipyramid D6


Some time ago, I showed a test prototype of this same die. Today, I give you the completed one. I agree that the die might benefit from bigger numbers, since there is plenty of area to do so. Unfortunately, numeric punches are not cheap, and a good set could have been easily, the cost of […]

Even more custom orders.


This time, Mr. J.  Needed some special dice, some non conventional D9 and D14. D9:  Those where the “easy” to do. Simple seven sided shapes, with an exact height to side ratio: D14: Up to date, the most dificult* build I have ever done. Just look at the mill while doing the die. At some […]

Special requests.


From time to time, some adventurous individuals dare to ask for some real* custom dice. (they ain’t that expensive, yo!) Mr. R. Wanted a seven sided die, more or less a replica of this medieval wooden die: As you can see, the die has it’s pips on the faces, but for the seven sided die, […]

Finally: Raffle winners!


Well, I finally managed to focus a little bit, and assembled the promised post about the winners. Isidro Corral: He designed a very cool Cthulhu die, and also a “death” die in wich the number 1 is substituted by a skull with crossed bones. Very cool indeed. ^^ Michael Wolf: After insisting just a little […]