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Bipyramid D6


Some time ago, I showed a test prototype of this same die. Today, I give you the completed one. I agree that the die might benefit from bigger numbers, since there is plenty of area to do so. Unfortunately, numeric punches are not cheap, and a good set could have been easily, the cost of […]

Extreme FUDGE die.


Seeing that I began to make bipyramids, Mr. J.  contacted me about the possibility of creating a 36 sided one (18+18 sides) and number it’s faces to use it as a single fudge die. I also asked him the reasons behind it (cool factor apart) and he said: I wouldn’t say necessity as much as […]

Larry Niven’s D20


In the future, we will still use our beloved polyhedrons to play games, that’s a fact. I’ll never trust any dice app, even if a god comes and tells me “it is really random”. Jokes apart, sometimes, I wonder about dice in a distant future…then, I just get to work. I don’t know how future […]

Even more custom orders.


This time, Mr. J.  Needed some special dice, some non conventional D9 and D14. D9:  Those where the “easy” to do. Simple seven sided shapes, with an exact height to side ratio: D14: Up to date, the most dificult* build I have ever done. Just look at the mill while doing the die. At some […]

Other odd sided dice: Asymmetric bipyramid


This is a quick prototype I did while sorting out how to do bipyramids on my milling machine. On the next version, recesses will be made (more like the carbon fiber D3) to stamp the numbers in the correct position. On the first photo, you can count 8 sides, while on the other, there are […]

Special requests.


From time to time, some adventurous individuals dare to ask for some real* custom dice. (they ain’t that expensive, yo!) Mr. R. Wanted a seven sided die, more or less a replica of this medieval wooden die: As you can see, the die has it’s pips on the faces, but for the seven sided die, […]