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Internet meme:

    At its most basic, an Internet meme is simply the propagation of a digital file or hyperlink from one person to others using methods available through the Internet.

While doing this die, I had a leftover to do the printing. It was damaged from a falling object over it, but most of it was usable, so I didn’t mind to loose a little bit of the artwork. After printing, while inspecting for wich artwork parts where unusable, I found ALL where intact… I think you’ll feel the irony, after seeing the die theme. ^^

The paper had plenty of room to move around the tray, so it could have perfectly landed just over the damaged part, as you can see, it didn’t.

Here’s how I felt:

The die depicts the Fuck yeah guy, and the FFFUUUUU on the 6th and 1st faces respectively. I’ll probably have a ton of laughs with it ^^

Fuck yeah!

Pricing: as always, 4€ plus a laugh, this time. ^^

Avaliability, pretty soon at the shop.


After the micro flood of dice, today I received some base blanks, so various dice are again avaliable for sale (along others wich were not for sale before).

The Élegance die will have to wait a little bit, until a good version is done.

And tomorrow, another die ^^ (post tittle spoiler: Memetic die)

Also, as a non dice related news, I’d like to point you to a pair of things I’ve added to the blog, mainly as amusement, and because I love to see how the world looks at the page ^^

One is a flag counter, wich I will probably remove after a while, since it is plain boring. The other, is an interactive 2d world map, wich shows when and where visits come to the blog. It also highlights the latest visits   :3



First of all, this is a prototype, all pieces where made with big tolerances, some numbers where partially etched, while others where fully etched. That said, here is a little wet dream for D4 users:

The die a level 20 wizard rolls, for Melf’s acid arrow:

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Today’s die is a “Why not?” moment. :3

Post tittle is self explanatory, but for the sake of not just posting a pair of photos, I say a few lines about the die idea.

I wondered how a die would look like if I removed the pips, and filled the space in between. Of course, the “5” was tricky, since I wanted to avoid clearly defining a pip, I decided to overlap all five dots, and draw the leftover.

All in all, it’s a very strange die to look at, and a very nice addition to my dice bag ^^

Price: 8€

Soon avaliable at the shop.


…the 6th of June

Yes, thats quite a bad pun on “V for Vendetta“.

But it serves my purpose of making you remember about a printing technique for metal dice developed about five months ago, that has fallen into oblivion.

If you havent seen the aforementioned post, take a look at it, then come back.

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Well, some may have notticed a lack of updates both on the blog and Facebook. I’m not feeling quite well, but I’m getting better. Anyhow, today I managed to finish the airplanes dice series.

Since I’m not politically interested, I tried to mantain diversity on airplanes symbols, that said, the new ones are:

  • F-16: Norwegian Air Force roundel symbol.
  • Harrier: RAF roundel.
  • F-15: Japan Flag (air force symbol was a red dot, not do-able in b/w).
  • A-10: New USAF symbol.

I hope you like them. This week updates might be a little erratic, however, I’ll try my best to do them.
See you soon.


Well, first, I must apologize (at least a bit) for not posting an update yesterday.

I was busy between doing some present dice, wich can’t be shown, and preparing a RPG evening with some friends. Game was inspired in BPRD, Hellboy’s organization, using CoC game mechanics. The thing is that, being set around 1960’s, history is not one of my favourite subjects, so I had to study a little bit and prepare a lot more than I would have done with a world/time of my own creation. However, here I leave you with a pair of dice requested by friends:

Mazindado (Mazindie):

And the Horde symbol from World of Warcraft:

And tomorrow, the usual update.


Today, direct from their designer:

    I’ve had the idea for the dice in my head since my early days role playing. This is the Random-Random Number Generator dice (you roll it to randomly generate a random number generator, AKA a dice, get it ? 😉 Each side corresponds one of the six most common dice types (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20.) The dice’s purpose is to determine what type of dice should be rolled in a given situation. The D10 has all the dice types repeated twice, but lacks the D20 result. For best results roll this dice with one dice of each type represented on the sides.

Face design is as follows:


  1. A 4 inside of a triangle
  2. A 6 inside a square
  3. An 8 inside a diamond
  4. A 10 inside a deltoid (like a D10 face)
  5. A 12 inside of a pentagon
  6. A 20 Inside a hexagon

  1. A 4 inside of a triangle
  2. A 4 inside of a triangle
  3. A 6 inside a square
  4. A 6 inside a square
  5. An 8 inside a diamond
  6. An 8 inside a diamond
  7. A 10 inside a deltoid
  8. A 10 inside a deltoid
  9. A 12 inside of a pentagon
  10. A 12 inside of a pentagon

And this, my friends, is what came out:

Yet another (hopefully) happy customer.

Dice related news:

Before doing the Kobold Quarterly advertisement, when googling “custom dice”, we where the third and fourth results. Today, after three days and 800+ visits, the same search puts Unconventional Dice on top, above all other companies. WOW!!

I just want to thank everybody, and I hope to continue growing for a long time.

Non dice related news:

For those who follow our Facebook, some news about the monitor breakage.

After two days of lurking over ebay and such, I reached the conclusion that I could not afford a metal folding prop spinner right now, so I accepted the fate that the plane was grounded for another month. Yet today I realized something:

I own a complete metal workshop!

…damn, sometimes I can’t understand how do I forget such things. So, I made this:

Fully tested to top speed. (I must say I did not made all the parts, the conical threaded axle grip, was from the failed spinner. I just don’t have the tools needed to make small thin cuts).



Something lurks in the jungle. Something wich is going to hunt you…

…and rip-off your backbone, skull included.


By now you probably have identified today’s die, for those not film interested, I’m talking about Predator, one of the famous roles of our beloved action hero, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s not one of my favourite films but I quite liked it’s special effects.

Talking about the Predator numbering itself, I landed here, a predator only webpage, wich seemed to have pretty much everything about it. Since it’s author uses both movies and comics as info source, it is probably one of the best places to go.

After downloading the font, I did a conversion chart to be able to correctly place the numbers.

Personally, I find quite difficult to identify each number, even using the chart. After some time, it might become easier.  –Giving it a second thought, it might be interesting to add some mark on each face to identify symbol position. However, if you think about it, when you see upside down numbers, you are able to read them too. In this case, it’s simply that whe are trying to read a too unfamiliar symbol.

Also, today’s die comes in two flavours. Brass and Blood. ^^

Since the laser engraver is not yet ready, the only way to do this was doing a metal inlaid die, then removing the pieces to fill the cavities left behind.

Also, this one is pretty purposeless, not having readily intelligible numbering. Of course it could be done (like the Mitsubishi Zero die), but it would spoil the die a little bit, don’t you think?

Pricing: 8€ in brass , 9€ in red