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ISP problems


Hi people, I’m on a Cybercafe checking my emails. My ISP  is having problems and I won’t have internet for the next 24 to 48 hours, so the  update for the new die (a riveted D8) will have to wait until then. See you soon. Advertisements

Wishes, secrets and a job offer. (already assigned)


2010 is almost over, and with it, a year that has brought us many things. Anonymous threats to the world, Wikileaks, Tron Legacy, and interesting International Politics. Also, today it’s the shop’s 1st birthday. ^_^ As stated on the latest facebook status update, I have a few wishes for 2011 Continue as succesful as 2010 […]

Quickie of the day:


Dice-o-Meter V.2 A customer requested if he could round up his order with a D-o-M. As many might remember, I commented that the design was being reworked, making the plates bigger, and better readable. I think I posted some preliminary pieces on Facebook. I was leaving the die for next week’s update (the “at least […]

Rivets everywhere


As many can see, I’m not having much spare time lately, anyhow, at least one dice a week must be done. I have many on the pipeline, but until past Christmas, they will be coming slowly. Sorry! ^^U Back on business, lately I realized that one of the dice types I made, was falling into […]

We do what we must, because we can.


The nerdiest of you might have already recognized this catch phrase…and you’ll have loved it. For the rest of us who are still alive, that is part of a game called Portal, wich more or less is a 3D puzzle game involving teletransport between, as you already imagined, portals. Momentum, inertia and heading (altough ground […]

Modeling after real life.


Some time ago, I told you that I was doing some works wich where meant as gifts, and I could not show them to anyone, until they where given. Yesterday, while I was offline, one of such customers contacted me, and gave his permission to show the die I made for her partner. Mr. Christopher […]

Small thanks to everybody. ^^


First, my apologies for some ebay customers whose packages have been delayed this weekend. I’ve been feeling not quite right, and in the end, I spent yesterday at bed, sleeping…Anyhow, I’m feeling better now, so, it’s time to get to work and send things and such. ^^ Anyhow,  I would like to note that I […]



Quoting Adam Savage’s words: And to conmemorate this, I welcome you to the unnoficial “Razorblades” club ^^ Note the flipped question mark. That represents the wrongness of all that. (just kidding, I forgot to flip it on printintg ^^U   ) Should Mr. Savage reclaim the die, I’ll be happy to send it to him ^^ […]



Have you ever played a Frankensteinesque character in the verge of reanimating a corpse? Do you have an Igor as henchman? Your steampunk tesla coil needs some damage measuring gauge?… If so, this might do the trick: At the time of writing, a better design came to my mind, however, I had used up all […]

Open Source Dice II


I’d like to let you know that the howto has been updated, making it a little bit easier and less fail prone ^^ Check it out.” (and why a post just about this issue?…well, I think it is an important update, and also, I’m having some work to do, and less time to just poke […]