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Wishes, secrets and a job offer. (already assigned)

2010 is almost over, and with it, a year that has brought us many things. Anonymous threats to the world, Wikileaks, Tron Legacy, and interesting International Politics.

Also, today it’s the shop’s 1st birthday. ^_^

As stated on the latest facebook status update, I have a few wishes for 2011

  1. Continue as succesful as 2010 has been.
  2. Becoming a small threat to the big dice companies. (more on this, later)
  3. Moving from EvilBay to my own domain www.dicecreator.com The job got assigned in a record 10 minutes time. AWESOME!  Thanks Mr. B.!

Point 1:

It’s been a great year. I’ve been having so much fun that I can barely translate that into words (I’m afraid that my english level is not up to such task).

As I’ve done before, I’d like to thank to many, many people for their purchases, custom orders and inconditional support and best wishes. As doing a complete list would be lovely but unfeasible, I would just like to thank a few individuals who, apart from being awesome persons, have gone well beyond the “customer/seller” relationship on one way or another.

  • M.W. Because without you this blog won’t exist.
  • K.C. & J.A. Because your purchases and patience started it all.
  • J.R. For all your help and permission, and because receiving tips feels awesome.
  • H.P. Swiss Swedish kindness that made the laser engraver possible!
  • K.K. Made possible to ackquire the laser at an affordable price.

And may many more…To all you, THANKS!

Humoristic intermission.

Because I hate to make a super serious posts.

Point 2.

About the other dice companies, don’t get me wrong, I do not wish to be anything to them. I’m quite happy being invisible and doing the things the way I want, and not the way they do. The danger I meant was that I recently unlocked the secret for doing the printed dice even more easily. No need to sand the dice or dangerous after-printing procedures (sanding over the printed face). Of course, I do sell dice, so I’m a bit afraid that doing so would incur in a loss of customers. The thing that keeps me wanting to share the knowledge is that I don’t sell so many printed dice, and that altough is cheap, you have to buy 20 to 30€ of supplies (without blank dice) so it will still be cheaper to order from me if you want just a single die.

Also, I do use a TON of freeware and open source software on a daily basis. DoublecadXT, Avira antivirus, VLC media player and many more. I find quite adequate for me to release something into public domain too.

I will be doing a complete tutorial, including videos, complete supplies and such, so anyone, anywhere, will be able to do the printed dice I do. If anyone needs the info right away, just send me an email and I’ll give you a quick answer.

Point 3.

As said, I must move from EBay into my own webshop. EBay fees have become a considerable nuissance, and they reduce my efective benefit margin quite considerably. Also, I have already paid the domain and Zencart APP, so it’s a bit sad to not use it.


I’m seeking for a ZEN-Cart programmer who is willing to tweak the current webshop CSS into something similar to the blog theme I currently use. I don’t want super fancy designs, just that when people goes from the blog to the shop,  they’ll feel a pleasant transition.

Before aplying, I have to make clear that my budget is quite limited (around 200€), please, don’t feel cheated if the amount is too low for you. It is what I can afford, no more, no less.

If you’re interested, or you know someone who might be, please, drop me an email to dicecreator@gmail.com with “Webshop Job Offer” as tittle.


As good news for everyone, I’ll be posting a new die tonight ^_^. Se you soon!


2 Responses to “Wishes, secrets and a job offer. (already assigned)”

  1. If HP is me, then you seem to have gotten Sweden and Switzerland confused. Again. 😉

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