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Quickie of the day:

Dice-o-Meter V.2

A customer requested if he could round up his order with a D-o-M. As many might remember, I commented that the design was being reworked, making the plates bigger, and better readable. I think I posted some preliminary pieces on Facebook.

I was leaving the die for next week’s update (the “at least once a week update“) but decided instead that I could sleep a little less today (I mean, go to sleep late) and just finish the die for him to see.

Super High res photo.

If you open the super high resolution photo of my hand (the dice just seemed to be there by chance XD  ) you will be able to compare the previous version with this one.

  • V1: The plates are a single etched piece. The dark parts are hand painted on a recess.
  • V2: The plate and the numbers are different pieces. The numbers are inlaid on the die, while the front plate is riveted to the plastic, giving a nice depth feeling. Of course, the “black” part will not fade, nor be scratched, over time.

Unfortunately, the good looks come at a price. Because the die must be inlaid with precision and then “riveted”, it is quite time consuming to do. As a result, a single die costs 17€     ^^U

This one will go for sale on the shop, as it is the better looking of both, and also, it will outperform the V1 in terms of durability. (that is a personal opinion, I find that the painted recesses on the V1 are quite sensitive, and they might be scratched easily if not stored properly). Anyhow, if anyone wants the V1, just ask and I’ll make them for you.


  • V2: 17€
  • V1: 9,5€


  • V2: Soon avaliable at the shop.
  • V1: Special request.

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