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Rivets everywhere

As many can see, I’m not having much spare time lately, anyhow, at least one dice a week must be done. I have many on the pipeline, but until past Christmas, they will be coming slowly. Sorry! ^^U

Back on business, lately I realized that one of the dice types I made, was falling into oblivion. One custom order touched it, but it’s been 4 months since the last Fudge set.

So, for all the Fate System fans, here you have a somewhat Art Noveau/Industrial Revolution fudge set…

Unfortunately for me, there is noone around my gaming buddies that currently plays Fudge. I’m still using D100 for terror and Char+skill+D10 for Sci-Fi. Anyhow, these are so cool, they go directly to my dice bag. I might get some use for them on the meantime.

I've had time only to make a pair...but I'll finish the set prior to bagging it ^^

I quite like it’s retro industrial look. I must be careful, otherwise, my dice bag might end being larger than myself!

Avaliabiliy: Special Request.

Pricing: 50€ set of four.


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