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Modeling after real life.

Some time ago, I told you that I was doing some works wich where meant as gifts, and I could not show them to anyone, until they where given.

Yesterday, while I was offline, one of such customers contacted me, and gave his permission to show the die I made for her partner.

Mr. Christopher wanted to do a gift for her beloved girlfriend Molly Lewis. Being outside the USA, I’m a bit disconnected about events like wootstock and such, but I enjoyed pretty much her music, specially this Lady Gaga’s parody.

What you can see at 2:42 on the video is Molly’s favourite instrument, her Ukelele:

Chris wanted to do a pair of dice, ukelele themed. He had seen the possibilities (printed, metal inlaid) that allowed to insert a ukelele silhouette on dice, and he knew that he wanted the dice done with the metal inlaid technique, and that they had to have a ukelele silhouette on the “1” face. The rest of the dice was still undecided, and he commented that he had no idea of what font/theme did he want for the numbers.

Before even deciding in the numeric faces theme, you might have notticed the purple flowers on Molly’s uke. I suggested that some detail might be added to the brass ukes, to make them even more like Molly’s one.

Some of you might say “Ok, but those are only dots”…yep, but those are 0,2mm dots. Frankly, I could not do better.

“Any idea [for the numbers] is welcome” he said. As always, I could say it took me a lot of thinking, and a great deal of effort to arrive to the final numeric face design, but that would not be true. I was just poking around on other dice, and it struck me… Chris was very pleased with the idea, so I began to work on the dice themselves. Here’s what he got:

Did Molly like them?  Quoting Chris’s mail:

So I gave Molly the dice this weekend and she loved them.  Feel free to post about them on your blog now.  I’ll applaud you on a job well done, she was defiantly surprised so my mission is accomplished.

And I’m grateful for that ^^

Shut up Wil, those are Molly’s dice, not yours!


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