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Memetic die.

Internet meme:

    At its most basic, an Internet meme is simply the propagation of a digital file or hyperlink from one person to others using methods available through the Internet.

While doing this die, I had a leftover to do the printing. It was damaged from a falling object over it, but most of it was usable, so I didn’t mind to loose a little bit of the artwork. After printing, while inspecting for wich artwork parts where unusable, I found ALL where intact… I think you’ll feel the irony, after seeing the die theme. ^^

The paper had plenty of room to move around the tray, so it could have perfectly landed just over the damaged part, as you can see, it didn’t.

Here’s how I felt:

The die depicts the Fuck yeah guy, and the FFFUUUUU on the 6th and 1st faces respectively. I’ll probably have a ton of laughs with it ^^

Fuck yeah!

Pricing: as always, 4€ plus a laugh, this time. ^^

Avaliability, pretty soon at the shop.


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