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First of all, this is a prototype, all pieces where made with big tolerances, some numbers where partially etched, while others where fully etched. That said, here is a little wet dream for D4 users:

The die a level 20 wizard rolls, for Melf’s acid arrow:

Today, while talking about other things throug email, I remembered I had to do a jig to allow D4’s to be hollowed like the D6 in the Structural Integrity die. After fiddling, tweaking and much thinking, I devised the way, and while drilling the first D4, an explosion of ideas just came to my mind. You should see them on further posts ^^.

As for this one…well…a bunch of ideas just merged in my brain, and I had to do it. Of course, this will go directly to my dice bag (I should start thinking about doing some dice bags…that way I could put to use my recently inherited sewing machine ^^ I like to sew leather, but that’s another story).

When not doing themed dice, I find pretty difficult to write long posts, since it is just raw creative power on solid form. Anyhow, I hope you like it ^^

Pricing: 50€ (better done version, of course)

Avaliability: as custom order.


3 Responses to “Élegance.”

  1. That die is gorgeous. I Love it!

  2. That is an amazing looking D4. You have outdone yourself once again.

  3. wow – awesome.

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