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Remember remember…

…the 6th of June

Yes, thats quite a bad pun on “V for Vendetta“.

But it serves my purpose of making you remember about a printing technique for metal dice developed about five months ago, that has fallen into oblivion.

If you havent seen the aforementioned post, take a look at it, then come back.

Yesterday I had the chance of running another gaming night. This time I had My mini laptop, powering four Winamp stances with background music, sound effects and so on. The game was great, and I arrived home very inspired.

I had loaded some of the “combat” songs I used for the game on my MP3:

With that music I felt quite creative and just gave a shot on a spare metal die.

The die had a very rough finish, with some dents due to bad machining (It was an early test on the bipyramidal D6.

Later today, I flatenned another face of the same die and did another test. The drawing itself got a lot better altough the drawing pencil scratched the surface a little bit too much, not allowing the drawn lines to be consistent in thickness and surface finish.

Finally, I rounded the drawing point with very fine sandpaper. That improved a little bit the line finishing, but it has to be tried a bit more:

Each decorated piece will be a unique and unrepeatable item until I finish further research on stencil making. Meanwhile, the drawings will improve over time, as I get used to miniature drawing.

The grey coloring is incredibly wear resistant, as the design is acid engraved on the metal. I tried to remove a drawing once, and I had to sand the die with fairly coarse sandpaper to remove the image.

As said on the other post, Dry transfer stencils can be made to order, but they are incredibly expensive (40€) altough the results might be worth for an awesomely decorated die, like engraved swords or guns.


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