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The forgotten update.

Well, first, I must apologize (at least a bit) for not posting an update yesterday.

I was busy between doing some present dice, wich can’t be shown, and preparing a RPG evening with some friends. Game was inspired in BPRD, Hellboy’s organization, using CoC game mechanics. The thing is that, being set around 1960’s, history is not one of my favourite subjects, so I had to study a little bit and prepare a lot more than I would have done with a world/time of my own creation. However, here I leave you with a pair of dice requested by friends:

Mazindado (Mazindie):

And the Horde symbol from World of Warcraft:

And tomorrow, the usual update.


One Response to “The forgotten update.”

  1. In the US, in the very late 1970’s, Mazindado I think was part of a line of toys in the US, only he was called “Mazinga”. The line of toys was called “The Shogun Warriors”. I had all 3 of the originals. They were based on a japanese robot character called Mazinger, which was related to the Tranzor Z cartoon.

    Kinda interesting to suddenly see that face on a die, 30 years later 🙂

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