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Bleed, bastard.


Something lurks in the jungle. Something wich is going to hunt you…

…and rip-off your backbone, skull included.


By now you probably have identified today’s die, for those not film interested, I’m talking about Predator, one of the famous roles of our beloved action hero, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s not one of my favourite films but I quite liked it’s special effects.

Talking about the Predator numbering itself, I landed here, a predator only webpage, wich seemed to have pretty much everything about it. Since it’s author uses both movies and comics as info source, it is probably one of the best places to go.

After downloading the font, I did a conversion chart to be able to correctly place the numbers.

Personally, I find quite difficult to identify each number, even using the chart. After some time, it might become easier.  –Giving it a second thought, it might be interesting to add some mark on each face to identify symbol position. However, if you think about it, when you see upside down numbers, you are able to read them too. In this case, it’s simply that whe are trying to read a too unfamiliar symbol.

Also, today’s die comes in two flavours. Brass and Blood. ^^

Since the laser engraver is not yet ready, the only way to do this was doing a metal inlaid die, then removing the pieces to fill the cavities left behind.

Also, this one is pretty purposeless, not having readily intelligible numbering. Of course it could be done (like the Mitsubishi Zero die), but it would spoil the die a little bit, don’t you think?

Pricing: 8€ in brass , 9€ in red


One Response to “Bleed, bastard.”

  1. The die is hard to read because the strokes (or diodes, if one speaks of the wrist-display from the movie) have no apparent order to them.

    I would suggest just starting with the top-most stroke and going (counter-) clockwise with one, two, three, etc. strokes. And just to make it easy to read, for numbers one-through-three, just crop the lower half of the character set so there would not be teeny little strokes bunched on one side of the face.

    Sadly, non-Roman numerals just are not understandable in context unless there’s a lot of them, i.e. 8, 10,12, and 20 sided dice in this case.

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