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Combat Planes!

I promise these will not have snakes in!.

After doing the SU-37, the suggester, commented about doing other planes. He indeed wanted an AWACS mobile radar plane, and I also wanted to do some more, since they look really really cool (to my inner plane nerd at least).

New planes:

Also, as on the SU-37, I decided to decorate the number faces more or less on the same way. The Zero was the easiest, just kanji for the numbers would do a great job. The AWACS got a “radar screen” face design, wich looked great. As for the F18, there was not much I could do, so I added the Blue angels badge on all faces.

I’ll be doing some more through this week, my personal favourites being: Harrier, F-15 (revised since the metal inlaid version), A-10 Thunderbolt and F-16. If you would like to see a different one made, drop me an email. As a measure against massive random suggestions I won’t do any planes mentioned just on comments.

Shop links: AWACS,  “Boeing E-3 Sentry” , Mitsubish A6M, “Zero” , F/A-18 Blue angels tribute.

A couple family pics of the airplanes already done:

As for the AWACS wing tip, just a micro failure in the making, hey, I’m human too! ^^. For sale dice will have the wing tip, I promise :3


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