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Fudge madness!

Yet another custom order from our 4dF fanatic, this time, quite an awesome unconventional idea ^^

Those, are two 9 sided dice, wich also work as fudge dice. The face ordering is as follows:

  • 1       (blank)
  • 3       |
  • 8       + +
  • 6       (blank)
  • 5       |
  • 7       +
  • 9       (blank)
  • 4       | |
  • 2       +

The dice, apart from being useful (wich is their main purpose) look quite pretty, and I wouldn’t mind to do a set for myself, should I ever play fudge.

Avaliability: I have no explicit permission to produce them, should you want a set, ask me, and I’ll contact the designer.

Mr. Rudd and Mr. O’sullivan gave their blessing for these dice to be sold, so, to the shop they go.

PRICE: 32€  per set.

Also, he wanted a pair of 5 sided dice, wich where made to match the look of the fudge ones (in height and recess measurement). Those have a generic design, so they are already avaliable in the shop.


We will be (finally!!!) having an advertisement on Kobold Courier this weekend. I posted a mini contest on facebook about guessing max visits on a single day, over a period of 3 days. Price is a conmemorative die of the event. To get in, just drop a comment with your guessing.

Kobold Courier has 5000+ readers and will be unleashed on Sunday 30. I have guessed over 2300. ^^


3 Responses to “Fudge madness!”

  1. I received them yesterday. The d9’s turned out GREAT (the d5’s and d36 did, as well, but I really like the d9’s). They roll well, and, yes, they’re pretty.

    The idea came to me from a comment that Steffan O’Sullivan made on the fudgecommunity yahoo group*, I’m checking with him on whether or not he has any objection to the design being completely open for you to craft on your own (since I don’t feel it’s my decision alone) (what I mean is, if he’s ok with it, then I don’t think you should need to check with me or anyone else if/when you want to make more of these dice).

    (* his comment was about “if you had 2d9’s, you could identically reproduce the probabilities of 4dF on just two dice”. He said this in the middle of a discussion about other ways to do Fudge dice. I immediately thought of your d9’s, and realized I could probably get you to make d9’s with an alternate set of labels … and then I thought “might be nifty to have actual d9’s as well … there should be enough room on the faces of those dice to make them be both regular d9’s, and fudgey-d9’s”.)

    Anyway, I’ll let you know Steffan’s answer.

  2. Hi Abraham and John,

    I have no problem with you selling these. I don’t really feel you need permission from me, but if you feel better about it, consider this as full permission to sell as many of them as you want.

    They make a nice addition to Fudge dice! Good luck with them!


  3. Abraham,

    So, with that note from Steffan, you have my permission as well. 🙂


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