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Из России с любовью

I suppose that by now, everyone is more or less used to see strange tittles on my posts. I’d love some feedback tough (do you find it funny/interesting? has my humour become boring? Anyhow, I’ll leave to you the translation effort. ^^

Today’s die is a more or less request (a.k.a. innocent comment on facebook) because, as him, I’m too a bit nuts about planes, and moreover, flying in itself. That’s why I have RC planes, and I’m trying to get into FPV (piloting a RC plane with a video downlink to a screen/googles). That is the closest I will ever be from flying a jet fighter (skip to 1:07).

Talking about the die itself, the comment was:

    “Ooooo, I would love a SU-37 on a die.”

Altough I did the F15 with inlaid metal, planes, as many other things, can benefit from being printed, as the lines reach a level of detail unachievable (for a practical die) on the metal ones. Just compare how better does the Su-37 looks against the F15 silhouette:


I also though it would be fun to put some russian on the die itself. At first I thought of writing the numbers in russian only, but that would have rendered the die useless for many people, so instead, I poked around with names and numbers until I reached a layout I liked.

I hope you like it too.

As for the innocent commenter, hey, there you have it. ^^

Price: 4€

Also, I’ll be adding this die to the shop, plus, a lot more I alredy put for sale:

2 Responses to “Из России с любовью”

  1. AKA Chris from Facebook

    • Bleh, sent that too soon!

      I suppose now is a good time to tell you I was studying Russian in college! =D

      That said, 4 Euro? Wonderful! I’d love to have a personalized die like that. E-mail me, or I can e-mail you of course, and we can set it up!

      Thanks again, that die looks great!

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