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Resurrect!, The movie.

First of all, today there is no special die. (so you can skip the whole post if not interested in my digression). Instead, I’ll write an emotive tale of departure and rejoin, a somewhat dramatic story.


    Main characters separate just as the story begins. Character A, stays, continuing with his job, while B goes overseas, on a voyage to the unknown. B starts a new life, wich becomes harsh as time passes. Meanwhile, A’s life goes on, hanging around other B’s. In the end, B returns after being beaten almost to death, since it was not ready for such a hard life. Coincidentally, A happened to be a specialist able to cure B, and also give him special training. It is a special moment for A, but B doesn’t really care. The end shows B returning to that life, better prepared and ready to fight.

Did you like the story? Well, here’s a sneak peek, B’s face after being beaten:

If you kept reading until here, you already knew this had to have some sense…somewhere

The real story is quite old, this began with my first dice raffle. Two pairs of dice, a gearwheel and a halo, where given to the winners, to do a review. This set went to a pocket, with some keys, cell phone and other things, and sustained as pretty much abuse as possible for a theoretically speciality dice you would take better care of.

Altough it sounds bad, in fact I’m quite happy with it’s owner. If the die withstood three months of pants pocket storage, a dice bag will be a walk in the park ^^. Also, I’m kinda moved because the owner, at a great expense for him, preferred to get it repaired than just getting a new one for free.

On the die itself, I must confess I unexpectedly felt quite emotive after extracting it from the package. You know, each die I make takes quite enough effort to be, as to make it something very special. Even after 100+ dice, I still feel the same way. After a while, you don’t think anymore about the farewell. Today, tough, it was a strange feeling to see (and grab) something not supposed to be seen again.

It is quite difficult to explain, I hope you get the idea. ^^

The repair:

In this case, it was pretty straight forward. Since the gear didn’t came out all the way, it was pretty much intact, so I just popped it out. Why? Because this die is from the time when the gears where not being “reinforced” (only the 1 gear was, with it’s big surface, it had a bad habit of popping out on it’s center). Not long after making this die, I can recall starting to reinforce all gears* for no special reason (I mean, no previous failure).

Just after removing the gear.

Anyhow, after reinforcing the gear, it was just a matter of putting them back, in the exact same position it was before. In fact, that was only possible because this gear die is quite old. The early process left the gear with some slightly distorted teeth, maybe a spoke a little wide than the other. Just tiny details along the weel, that make each one unique, and so it is the void left by the gear.
Nowadays, the technique has evolved so much that I make almost “perfect” gears, making it impossible to put it back on on the same position without external aids (previously marking the gear position or using a magnifying glass and tons of patience).

And there you have it, a happy repaired die.

Call it karma: After repairment I did a test roll, and guess wich number I got… 2!!!

I hope you enjoyed the story, otherwise I’ll be loosing some blog subscribers really soon.  ^^U

Moral of the tale: Treat your dice right and they will reward you with tons of fun.

See you soon!

By the way: I’m already doing some amazing christmas orders. You’ll see them in a while.

*It is a recurrent issue I have perceived with all the reviews, every time a review gets done, with a somewhat minor flaw (example: Michael Wolf’s printed dice, where he comments about one part being shinny while the other is matt). Before the dice he won reached him, I had already perfected the process, and now the die looks shinny all over. I can’t help about improving techniques/ skills as much as I can ^^U


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  1. YAY!!! I look forward to its return.

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