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Merry Christmas!

I’ll bet your first thought was: “Wtf?” , altough it may seem a joke, after a quick explanation, it will make sense:

Since sometimes is difficult to judge how much time would something take to arrive I’d like to write down fab and shipping times for people who might want to give a custom dice as christmas present.

  • Shipping times:
    • United states: 10/12 days
    • Europe: 4/8 days
    • Spain: 2/3 days
  • Fab times (does not include time talking back and forth about design):
    • Rolling logs: 1 day
    • Ring dice: 2 days
    • Bipyramids: 2 days
    • Metal inlaid dice (black die): 0,5 days
    • Printed dice (red, green, yellow, white and purple): 0,5 days

I’m not sure about how many sales will be for Christmas, however, just in case, I will advise everyone there is NOT going to be queue bumps (not even paying a fee). Also, last acceptable day for christmas present order, will be December 10th. Orders after that day will have no guarantee over it’s arrival on time.

By the way…you might came today looking for  the “dice of the day”, didn’t you?

Here it is:

It is a slight return to the military themes I did on the blog first posts. The plane is an F-15 Strike Eagle, one of my favourites. It’s not like I’m pro-war or something like that. It’s just that, as a machine, I think is quite bautiful.

In fact, I did a RC version 12 inches wide, whose flight lasted…mm…about six seconds. It flew too fast for my experience (it was a prop version, wich should have been slower than an electric turbine) Crossed the valley and crashed in the next hill. I have the video somewhere, if someone wants to see it, I’ll post it on youtube.

See you soon!


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