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Dice variants.

Recently, I did a breaktrhough in the metal etching process wich makes the pieces a lot more precise.

While doing some precision tests today, I remembered I had a gearwheel variant I had designed a long time ago. Since the spokes one was so valued, I didn’t bother on doing that variation, since at the time, the etching process was not as reliable as now. Now that the gears shape is so precise, the small holes in this gears can be done without fear of damaging the gears on the etching bath.

So, this is what I had in mind like six months ago, enjoy:

I bet It’s design will be controversial (some people will like it a lot and some people will hate it.  :3

Any comments will be appreciated ^^


2 Responses to “Dice variants.”

  1. Why not do single dices with composite probabilistic distribuition as many dices ?

    a dual dice in one (10 side, 2 – 12, low, 7 high)
    a “triad” dice in one ( 15 side, 3 – 18 low, 11-12 high)
    a four dice in one (20 side, 4 – 24 low, 14 high)
    and so on

  2. I really dig this die. Super unique and stylish, but also easy to read. 🙂

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