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A bit of history.

Today, while talking with an old friend, he tossed over the table his inseparable dice bag. While poking around it’s interior, I found the first die I had made.

Some people might recall the history of “dicecreator”, for those who don’t, long story short: Since I owned a complete machine shop, a friend asked for a metal die as a gift for another friend, one thing led to another and voila!, you are reading this blog. ^^

But that was the first die i SOLD, and the fourth I made, not the first.

This is the one I’m talking about:

Of course at the time, I didn’t know what I was doing, so I ordered the numbers from 1 to 13 instead of scrambling them. ^^U

The friend who requested it, didn’t like it very much, so I ended ordering a set of numeric punches to do a well numbered die, and gave this one to a close friend.

Looking back, I feel quite fond of this die, the simplicity and naïveness at it’s time of creation. Sometimes I regret giving it away (I didn’t know I would try to become a dice maker!) However, the owner is one of my best friends, so there is no problem if  borrow the die from time to time (like today, because I can’t find old photos I made of the die, so I did new ones)

By now, someone might have wondered, “Okay, you commented about the first die and the fourth you made…What about second and third?”

Well…the second is this one. I gave it to a great person (and biggest collector), because at the moment of intended purchase, I had already been 10 days into dice research, and the ones I made, where a lot better than that.

Third got lost, since it was quite unpleasant to look at the off center numbers. I remember to have remachined it later.


New items on the shop:

And tons more since the last post! .  (altough later included in it)


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