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Things at the shop!

Well, meanwhile a friend sets up my intended future shop, I’ve decided to give the ebay shop a gentle boost. New items posted:

Added today (October 16th):


Finally, I got a complete review of the printed dice. They sustained normal usage pretty much intact, wich makes me really happy!, check it out here.

Also, some news:

I’ve opened a new blog. It’s called Brass Fashion, and in there I’ll post any other creations wich are not dice (altough sometimes, the most creative dice might get referenced). This blog will have no intended regularity, so it’s only worth to look at it once or twice a month. Also, pieces in there will be one time things, quite complex or difficult builds wich are not intended for some production like the dice are. Almost everything will be for sale, with some exceptions, but you’ll nottice them ^^

I have added it to the blog roll, so you have no need to save it for future check.

I’m also trying an Etsy shop (shop specialized in handmade and vintage things), right now, there are only some fantasy gearwheels for creative steampunks ^^.

And that’s pretty much everything for today. See you soon!


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