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Custom gift comission.

And today, a boyfriend wanted a surprise for a girlfriend. She does not follow the blog, nor facebook, so I was given permission to show it right away.

This time, I was given carte blanche on the font, the name of the girl being the only constraint.

It would be cool to speak about the great amount of time I spent researching for a cool and warm font for the girl*. Instead, I’ll show you, how much has the technique improved in about two months (after the nevermet press die with it’s success/failure/success history on the starchart face.

Two months ago, I would have never attempted such a narrow font. Of course, some details where simply too small to be reproducible, but the main design is very clearly readable, and pleasant to the eye.

Letters have an almost constant width of 0,5 mm (0,019 inches). Maybe a longer chemical bath might have turned the smaller spirals visible, but I preferred not to risk a ruined piece, when it was already very cool as is. Boyfriend was very satisfied, and I’ll let you know Girlfriend’s opinion on that.

Price: 10€ (simple text, no vectorizing needed)

*As for the font, I didn’t even know I had it!, it was fourth on the list, and it appeared just after some military stencil themed fonts. I felt it was the right font immediately. Boyfriend already knows this history about font choosing   :3


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