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Custom mana D6

This weekend, there is a Type 1 MTG tournament on a nearby shop. Aforementioned friends will take part on it, and one just asked if he could have a special custom die to give him some luck.

A pair of drinks* later, we agreed on this:

  • Die was to be BLUE.
  • Faces:
    1. Blue droplet.
    2. Red flames.
    3. Black skulls.
    4. colorless mana symbol (circle with “4” inside)
    5. All MTG symbols, correctly ordered.
    6. Suns and trees, 3 each, like a sunny day over a forest.

So here’s what came off:

He has yet to see it, but I suppose he’ll be happy.

As for the photos themselves, blue is quite difficult to focus, so that’s the best I could do (in fact, I had to put another  object beside, so the camera could focus on that, and since the die was at the same distance, would get on focus too.

See you on saturday!

*took them as payment :3


One Response to “Custom mana D6”

  1. Esta vez te has superado @Dicecreator. Me encanta el dado! Es exactamente lo que te pedí.

    Muchísimas gracias!

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