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MTG counters project.

Thinking about it, I have more MTG player friends than RPG gaming friends.

That said, it is not strange that some of them enquire about projects and ideas they’d like to see.

This time, mostly green playing friend, asked if the technique for printing dice, was avaliable for other plastics and shapes. I remembered that a long time ago, I did a test on an acrylic cube, and that it had gone very well (except for the cube, wich was laser cut, and not perfectly cubic). So, I purchased some already cut green acrylic discs and made this for him. He said that should they work well, he might ask for the other colours, I shall update this post then.

Using the same technique, some amazing ideas, projects and designs  are possible. I shall investigate them furter.

Also, I’d like to give everyone some news:


  • I’m “officially” making a living on this:  That is not necessarily good news. It only represents I’m making just enough to pay bills, food, and one or two drinks a month, literally. I have faith on this…but the next 4 months will say it all.


  • I know, I have left my ebay shop somewhat abandoned. A friend will be tweaking my webshop for me, so I hope to have it running by the end of the month (just for christmas gifts!). Meanwhile, some dice will pop up on ebay during this week. Some examples of what can you expect:


    • Industrial Fantasy dice. (yup, I managed to get some screws, not the exact ones, but equally cool)
    • Will be changing RPG sets from (4/6/8/10/12/14) to (4/6/8/10/100/12/20) on expensive version (ring D20) and cheap (new prototype to be shown ^^ )
    • Renewing stock of Electronics symbols dice, gearwheel dice, cthulhu dice.
    • Adding “print me a die” purchase with direct link to instructions on how to order (instructions already avaliable here).


  • Finally managed to redesign the laser engraver laser support: I was stuck with it because the new superfocused laser had fixed focal lenght. That meant I needed to move everything (laser, heatsink and fan) up and down, and make it removable too, so I could insert and remove dice. At the end of the week I should have the parts designed, and laser cut for the next one. I’d like to have the machine working on November’s first week. (altough I already have the colored resins, wich where integral to the whole project :3


  • I’ll be opening a new blog, jewelry themed. It is called Brass Fashion: Being a creative guy, it’s more or less natural to explore alternative routes and just to think about lots of things. Altough it all started with the Hellboy earrings, I’ve liked jewelry for a loong time. Do not expect as consistent updates as this blog (when I can, my fault) but I would check it once a month…I might have posted something. ^^

Finally, I’d just like to thank everyone for their support, and I hope to be with you for a looooong time.


One Response to “MTG counters project.”

  1. Glad to hear that you’re full time at this! Taking the leap into the void like that is scary as heck, but the rewards (even if you never become rich) are stunning. I’ve been running my own companies for almost 10 years now and I’d never go back.

    Speaking of which, I can’t find an email address for you, but I wanted to talk about perhaps retailing your dice.

    I own and run HeavyInk.com, the web’s best comic book store, and maybe there’s something that can work for both of us.

    Shoot me an email.


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