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Printed dice templates.

I always forget that sometimes, people gets scared from things that seem too complicated, altough they might want them, should they be madeeasier to understand. I’m sure I’ve done it one time or another. So, I’ll post a guide on how to ask for printed D6’s of D10’s

First, quality: How do printed dice perform?

Here is an external review: theadeadone fudge dice

(Second review to come at the end of the week on Stargazersworld)

Second, pricing:

  • D6, any color (red, green, white, blue, purple and yellow) 4€ per die.
  • D10 (ivory, red upon request) 9€ per die.
  • Vectorizing: no fee for simple images, and 2,5€ per image on complex ones)

Third, templates:

The D10 will have it’s images fitted as best as possible, and it’s numbers, always vertical against the rim of the die.

The D6 will have it’s images (or numbers) oriented as the template shows.

Fourth, naming the images:

Just name them with the face number you want to substitute. Any face that has no assignment, will have a number on it. That means you MUST add blank images for blank faces.

Remember: Any TTF font can be printed on your die, for the most common fonts, I’ll probably have them, but if you want an unusual font, just attach in the email.

Also, photographic quality is possible (check “Sjet’s” from Homeworld game on image gallery) but high resolution images might just look too small to be clearly visible.

I hope this guide removes all those small fears you might have from ordering custom printed dice.

See you soon!


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  1. […] Adding “print me a die” purchase with direct link to instructions on how to order (instructions already avaliable here). […]

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