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Carbon/Aluminium D6 -1 of 2

The project is getting difficult, mainly because I’m stubborn and I want to do my design as intended, with no cheating.

First attempt, exploded on my lathe. There are two main reasons for that.

  1. Feed too fast. (in how much time the material was removed)
  2. Feed too much. (how much material was removed at a time)

I was scared as hell when the flying debris shot out the workshop. You know, when spinning things go wrong, they go wrong really fast! ^^U

I did not thought about taking a photo, and I already throw it away. However, with the second attempt, you will see how the die was some milliseconds before destruction ^^.

Second attempt, was screwed just simply because I added an extra 10 degrees to a count, and when I started milling, I realized too late that the die was somewhat misaligned. It was only a small notch, but there is nothing I can do about it (apart from repeating the die). However, I continued machining just to see how would look like, at least half of it.

Permanent marker shows how the die was supposed to look like when finished. Vertical lines mark how long was it going to be (about 25mm), the dark rectangles, where the second window set. Main aim is to make the aluminium, a simple skeleton where the carbon fiber does all the work.

On the second photo, you can see how thin the walls are. Just 0,16mm, about two sheets of paper thick!! At least I managed to do the shell, as I wanted, instead of doing a thicker one to make it easier.

I hope you like the concept. Next week, you’ll have the finished version, if I manage not to screw anything up. ^^


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