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Emergency dice business card

I sell all my dice through internet. That said, it is clear that I have no need for business cards. Anyhow, I have been two or three times in need of such item, just to publicize a bit. Being the creative type, I’d love to do a super fancy card, but that is really expensive, so I suppose I’ll end doing a more or less plain design, with some single color graphics.

However, while toying with the idea, I remembered those fancy cards some people do, like that one that turned into a small catapult, and here’s what came out ^^

Of course, it was done by hand. The paper was not the highest quality, and tonner is not the best ink to do something that you are going to rub on, while cutting it. Ideally, it should be done in high quality paper, and die cut, but I’m pretty sure that would be amazingly expensive, so, just did four wich will be hand cut, and given only on special circumstances. ^^

(I just tried to give the cards a varnish coat, I’ll update the post once they’re dry)

I hope you found it amusing.

Also, the finished die works well   :3


5 Responses to “Emergency dice business card”

  1. You might try getting some laser-cut. It’s not as cheap (per-piece) as die-cut, but since you’ll never want more than a few hundred, the price of making the die would be too high. Laser cutting should give you something in the middle price-wise. Should be affordable for a few here and there, while being easier to do (no more hand cutting!).

    Alternately, leave it as a ‘papercraft’ project – print on both sides, with the back having directions for cutting and gluing. It’s not quite as nice as a pop-out, but it’s still cool and lot’s easier on you!

    • After doing some, it’s becoming easier to do them, so I’ll be doing some more, (also, I found an old cardholder to carry them! ^^ ) Anyhow, do you know any company that does the laser cutting service for such a strange item?

      • I do laser cutting non-commerically and could cut you a good price for a small number of these. I think most commerial companies would charge an awful lot unless you want a few thousand…

        Send me an email or a message via my website contact form if you’re interested.

        Nice idea though. I have seen some really fancy ones in the past such as this one from nycresistor: http://creativebits.org/files/lasercut.jpg


      • Can you see my email on that end? I’m afraid I am having some issues with that website contact form I commented on.
        You can use this instead if you want:

        I was bored so did a test design :p

        (temporarily hosting here so if anyone looks for it in a few weeks it will probably have gone)
        The red lines are to cut and the black to ‘score’/etch.

  2. THAT is amazingly cool!

    If only they came in FUDGE dice… 😉 (a joke, not a request)

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