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Forgotten works.

Usually, I divide my time 70/30 between production and prototyping. Also, I usually do the prototype, and present it next day, and this morning, I swear I had forgot what did I do yesterday! I spent all the morning trying to rush a project dice (more like a “random option selector”) but at mid-day, I remembered this:

Yet another friend of mine, who is an avid MTG player, asked for some custom dice, and you can guess what I did (or you might already know if you looked at our facebook ^^U )

At first, he just wanted some tokens, so I did not number the faces (wich is when the picture was taken) but in the end, he decided that, altough they looked already cool, they might also have a slightly more practical life, so we numbered the faces, making the symbol the “6”. As for the black mana, before anyone complains, I must remember that I don’t have white tonner, so everything printed must be black. Also, this friend suggested that the skull on the purple die, might look cool as well, and that way we did it.

Some people already asked for them, and, as all heavily enforced copyrights, I will not be selling those. I know, I know, it’s just a pain in the a** not to be able to just “pay” for what you want, But I’d like to continue making dice for a looooong time, and that means respecting somewhat all copyright laws. (won’t be long before someone jumps to my throat for this statement). For those who whant a set, I can offer a barthering option. Some might remember that I do like RC planes, so we might make a deal with that.

To do so, drop me an email, stating “MTG set barther” on subject.   :3


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