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For the Hellfans (non dice post today)

After a funny debate about men earrings, pendants and pins, I finally changed the subject “Hellgirls” to “Hellfans”.

Anyways, as I commented some time ago, I would began to unleash my creativity, as doing only dice is a bit tiring (and also, as many would know, doing other things is healthy for your mind too ^^). This time, as I was doing the previous post, I found I could earring-ize the BPRD symbol. After doing it so, I think they look gorgeous!.

I will only make them by comission, and it’s price is 30€,  shipped anywhere in the world (on protective clear case).

  • Info: Diameter 15mm
  • Material: Brass and acrylic paint with a clear resin coat.
  • Ear wires: silver.
  • Weight: 0,5 grams each.

Talking about other things. Do you like other creations to appear on the blog, or do you prefer only dice things?


3 Responses to “For the Hellfans (non dice post today)”

  1. Other things are interesting.

    For earrings, it is very important to say the mass, as most earring wearers have a comfort limit that is easily exceeded with metal earrings.

  2. I voted for “other”.

    On the one hand: you’re an artist, and I don’t mind seeing whatever artistic work you create.

    On the other hand: I’m mainly here for the dice, and you could create a separate blog for the non-dice stuff, letting people go to whichever blog they want to see.

    On the third hand: it’s your blog, do what you want 🙂

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