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D3 pendant

My girlfriend is not an avid gamer, altough I try the best I can to convert her. Usually, she never asks for anything for her birthday, but when she said “Can you do a pendant D3?”, how could I say no?

And here’s what came out:

She liked it a lot, altough she only wears it on special nights. ^^


5 Responses to “D3 pendant”

  1. how will that turn into a pendant?

    • Maybe “pendant” was not the correct word?…the die is hollow enough to pass a string through it, so it can hang from her neck. (also, it is reinforced enough, as not to be easily crushed (like it would happen with the super hollowed carbon fiber D3, prior to the carbon fiber)

      • Pendant is the right word. When you first posted, the 4th picture didn’t show up (the one with the cord through it). Now that that’s there, it all makes sense to me. 🙂

  2. Completely awesome. I love your stuff.

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