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My little copperthulhu

Vacations are over, and with them, troubles and great times too.

The laser is not working yet, but the manufacturer told me to keep the 1200mW laser, to compare and realize tests between it and the new superfocused 650nm laser (160mW, that I have yet to receive). so, basically, I’ll have two lasers to play with! 😀

Sales where expected to be low/none, but surprisingly…where best than ever! (altough there have been some delays on orders due to overlaping work…I’m sorry folks!) I hope to continue this way…the frontier called “I make a living on this” is on sight…really…

On september, I should be receiving the reviews on the printed dice, so people will get some feedback on how they are. I expect some sales on them, but not many, since everyone has a how-to post.

And, by now, some people will be thinking…”okay okay, you had a good vacation…shut up and show us the Little copperthulhu“…

WAIT!…there are some more news!…

From now on, I’ll be doing another type of dice…Not D4, not D6…guess wich!

This one, apart from looking gorgeous, goes directly to my dice bag, I’ll probably do a matching D100, to play my CoC games.

It only has one big drawback…price.

It takes double the work of a D6 (sanding, prepping, and care when inserting metal)…so price toll for D10 dice with metal inserts is around 14€ for the simpler ones…copper and elaborated D10’s, will go probably to 16/20€  ¬¬

Laser and printed D10 are expected to be cheaper…but I’m really sorry anyways…


2 Responses to “My little copperthulhu”

  1. Yay! finally I will be able to order new cyberpunk themed dice! .D

  2. Oh, that would go perfectly with my Cthulhu D6!! I’ll be keeping my eye out for any more of those like the one pictured!!

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