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Why so silent?

It’s been aout 10 days since the last post, and, with an intended pun on Joker’s catchphrase from “The dark knight” film, I’ll give some explanations for those who want to know.

  1. Work: I have been working hard on lots of custom orders, nothing special like the D14 or D36. Just a lot of work. (odd sided sets, ring D20’s and so on)

  2. Laser Stories: Thigs are not going well. The new laser, altough noticeably more powerful (even unfocused leaves marks on dice) does not work right. It only leaves marks…the best I could achieve was some bubbled surface…nothing like the old 250mW laser, that leaved a good and nice groove behind. I’m a bit depressed with that…what should have been a super fun new toy…it’s not…
    IF the laser seller allows for a laser swap, it will be a month until the new one arrives (send back this one, then wait for it to reach destination, inspection, and wait for the new one to arrive.) Also, the computer program for the CNC bed…is not working right…it lacks a setting for the parallel port, to configure the “spindle relay” (in this case, the laser switch) that it was supposed to be there!…

  3. Job interviews: Had one, but, upon entering on the  workshop…I had this strong feeling of unwelcomeness, it was just uncomfortable to be there, and I turned down the job.

And that’s pretty much it. I hope that by the end of August, posts will be back to normal 2/4 per week. Meanwhile, you can check my facebook status, wich I update regularly  ^^U

You can see on the pic, the difference between the 808nm laser, and the 980nm laser. Sometimes I’m just (figuratively speaking) about to cry.

The 808nm groove…looks like Harry Poter’s scar…Why on earth should I be Voldemort?…(just ignore that…I think I’ll be a little insane until those things get fixed…or I throw the laser engraver idea out the window…

Dicecreator out.


2 Responses to “Why so silent?”

  1. Hey dude,
    What type of material are your dice made out of? I’ll run some tests with my laser when I get back to school and let you know how things turn out.

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