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I managed to break my laser emiter today.

I have funds to buy a new one. A powerful 1W laser, wich would cost 180€.

The thing is the unknown interest factor in a laser engraving service for single or few dice units. Single die cost, with the new laser, is expected to be around 14€ per D6 (plus shipping).

I’d like to run a small (yes/no) poll, to see how many people might be interested in such a service.

Please, help me to spread the word.


3 Responses to “Oooooops.”

  1. That’s quite a shame. The whole project was looking very promising.

    14€ seems like a pretty reasonable price. I’d definitely be interested assuming shipping to the U.S.A. isn’t to expensive.

  2. Shipping is a flat rate of 3,5€ ^^

    Also, If I end buying the laser, there will be probably discounts for second and third units of the same die, since I can align (theoretically) up to 9 dice at the same time.

  3. Not bad at all.

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