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Shop news and products on ebay.

Let’s see:

I will close the ebay shop on august 15, while, at the same time, I’ll be opening my webshop at www.dicecreator.com .  I’d like to ask anyone who has a direct link to the ebay shop, to change it, if possible. ^^

Also, after some requests, I have put for sale the Larry Niven’s D20. here

And now, I’m going to work on the webshop, that still needs a lot of tweaking. ^^


2 Responses to “Shop news and products on ebay.”

  1. http://www.dicecreator.com

    Just to tell you, this link is broken, no biggie but just thought you should know.

  2. ouch…my fail…

    This weekend is starting to be really awful. (broken laser, bad links…and more bad things)

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