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Laser stories (2/3)

Well, the laser engraver is taking shape. Today, I finished the assembly and test of the main carriages and motors. In this video you will see 5 boring minutes (with great background music ^^ ) of a machine doing little, as I have not yet connected the laser to the driver circuit (I’m missing a transistor bigger than a 2N3904, altough I’ll test with it, it will be working at a 120% of it’s rated current (230mA, instead of 200mA) I suppose it will hold until I can obtain something bigger. ^^U

Youtube video: link

Next week, I suppose I’ll have located a suitable transistor, or I’ll be using the one I said before if it holds ^^. So I suppose I’ll have a working engraver, even if I do not have the vertical laser adjuster.

I wonder who will be the first to order a laser engraved die ^^


2 Responses to “Laser stories (2/3)”

  1. If you have multiples of 2N3904 you could connect a handfull in parrel.
    Sure it is not a ideal solution, but it does work.
    You can also secure a small aluminium heatsink made from Al sheet to the possibly TO-92 component by some heatshrink tubing.

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