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Larry Niven’s D20

In the future, we will still use our beloved polyhedrons to play games, that’s a fact. I’ll never trust any dice app, even if a god comes and tells me “it is really random”.

Jokes apart, sometimes, I wonder about dice in a distant future…then, I just get to work. I don’t know how future dice will be, but I hope to be there, doing mine.

Today’s post, can be described as a truly “Concept Die”, like the concept cars you see on many auto shows.

It comes as a solution to “The D20 question“, wich is, more or less, the unpracticality of a barrel type D20. You know, as you increase the faces number with a constant face width, diameter of the die also increases. Remember the D20 a few days ago?…it was bulky, heavy…and let’s face it… had little practical use, apart from rising “whoa’s” from anyone who sees it (and serve as self defense weapon).

So, my mind starts to wander…while I do other tings. Of course, my first thought, was to hollow the die…but only doing that, didn’tt appeal me…so I kept working, and left the idea in my head’s I+D department. (an independent part of my brain wich keeps working on shelved ideas, just in case)

By now, you already might have imagined what I did, given the name of the post ^^

Dice test on youtube channel: Test

As a side note, this is now, my personal D20. You know, I’ve been doing dice for almost six months now, and I still play rpg’s with my old dice bag. Neither me, nor my friends, did nottice that. Only today I did wonder how come I hadn’t made a set of dice for me. Maybe I was busy thinking on dice. Anyways, I have liked this one so much, I’ll put it in my bag tonight…for the next game.

Pricing category: Expensive.

Simplified version: 50€  (doing a barrel D20, then hollowing it carefully, with smooth chamfer sides)

One just like the depicted on the post: 90€   (doing this one, is just like fabricating 3 D20’s, due to the faceted chamfers, plus the hollowing part, wich is not easy)

Note: The first one to make a Beyonce joke…will be banned, I promise.


18 Responses to “Larry Niven’s D20”

  1. never to be played with on an uneven surface or you always get 0 :p


    • I’ll let you know what my friends think about this one, when I use it next game.

      As for the uneven surfaces…I don’t remember to have ever played on an uneven table ^^ , but that’s just me 😀 😀 😀

  2. Very cool, but doesn’t it land on the side often? Maybe making the cylinder longer could help, but it could quickly become uncool.

    • It has a strange tendency to self righten up! (if the surface is more or less like oilcloth or other surface with some grip, wich is my usual gaming surface)

      From 20 casual rolls, just handling it, and throwing in no special position or manner whatsoever…it only landed 3 times on a side…the other seventeen, it tumbled and then got rolling…I might do a video on my youtube channel, showing that.

      As a side note: I did not do that on purpose. I made this die for me, but now that I discovered that weird behavior, it is (just for me) a thousandt times cooler than before. ^^

  3. Can you show a video of the dice being rolled and how it’s supposed to land? Something on youtube is fine.

  4. Beyonce jokes aside, could you make that into a ring (as in a wearable piece of jewelry)?

    • Emm…probably I could do it…thinner section, and a little narrower…but it might be too thin and sound like a tin can when used (altough I’m using a really hard 6012 aluminium)

      • I’m just thinking you should either patent it or something and put it up on thinkgeek. 😉

      • I have my issues with thikgeek…first of all:

        (danger, rant ahead)

        “If you contact me, for hundreds of dice and I kindly respond that I make them by hand, and my utput is very low…just don’t dissapear, that is VERY rude and unpolite”

        (end of rant)

        And second: the dice will get more expensive due to an intermediary. You can buy it from me, wich will be cheaper.

  5. And if you ever do workout a ring based d20, I need one. NEED!

  6. “Only today I did wonder how come I hadn’t made a set of dice for me.”

    Don’t tug on Superman’s cape.
    Don’t spit into the wind.

    I would think general common sense would add:

    Don’t bet against someone who built their own dice.

    (No offense intended. I’m sure all of your dice are fair, it’s just a general principle.)

    BTW: Love the Niven reference. I’d like to see what Teela rolls with that die…

  7. That is amazing. I love it.

  8. What an excellent blog! Your design is amazing, really striking. Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Dude, like the guy said, patent it then sell it to that company that’s making the new Lord of the Rings rpg and let them worry about making the actual dice. Sit back and collect millions, or so.

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