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Happy birthday?

Price already given.

August is here, heat is too. Sales on the shop, and custom orders outside it, are going great. Lots of people, now know there is another dice contender out there. Moskitoes do their formation flying towards our skins…

And, on a few days, it will be my birthday. And because this is not a “dice shop only”, nor it is a personal blog (altough it might be, given my usual personal information giveaway ^^ ) I just want to share that with you.

So…what’s all this about?

Where you born on August 18th? do you have a fellow collector/RPG gamer friend who did? then you, lucky person, have won a personal die.

As for the die…well, it is YOUR birthday…it is going to be a surprise! 😀


If multiple contestants: a single winner will be picked up at random. (with youtube proof, as always)

Photographical proof will be needed (ID card or passport or whatever that shows your birthday).

The die might not get in time for your birthday, because of holidays and shipping times, and that I’m having lots of work, (that, I suppose, is MY birthday gift ^^ ) but I’ll do my best.

For the everyone else: Have a nice holiday!!


4 Responses to “Happy birthday?”

  1. Happy Birthday, Anm. Hope it will be a good one.

    • Thanks!

      IT already is…I got a EDF RC jet (F-35), full (cheapass) FPV gear, and sales are great…

      The mouse is in the nest! the mouse is in the nest! (I mean: your package was shipped today ^^ It weighted 135 grams, if you wonder. 😀

  2. Aww, only off by a week (exactly): August 11th is my birthday. Well, a happy birthday to you and anyone who enters the contest!

  3. oh a long way off for me but I will pass the info round to try to get you more entrants.


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