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Even more custom orders.

This time, Mr. J.  Needed some special dice, some non conventional D9 and D14.

  • D9:  Those where the “easy” to do. Simple seven sided shapes, with an exact height to side ratio:

  • D14: Up to date, the most dificult* build I have ever done. Just look at the mill while doing the die. At some moments, the milling body and the divider head, where only 5mm apart  ^^U.

All in all, they where fun dice to do, I hope you like them.

(Some may have notticed, they are not numbered. At the time of the pics, I was exhausted of a full day of machining, so I left them unmarked. Now I have them already packed, and I don’t want to take them out ^^ )

*Complexity of steps and procedures.


5 Responses to “Even more custom orders.”

  1. So, on the d14, the top and bottom count as “sides”? That’s an interesting way to do it, as long as they’re equally probable.

    What would you think about a bipyramid die with two 13-sided pyramids? The tops of the pyramids could be rounded or pointed, or very very small flats (not enough to be a probable “landing” side).

    • oh, wait, 13 sided pyramids would require trapezohedron, not bipyramid (otherwise, you’d end up with an edge being “side up”, all the time).

      Alternately, could be 12 sided bipyramid (d24) or 14 sided bipyramid (d28)

  2. They look great! thanks so much for doing that custom order for me.
    @ johnkzin – what you’re talking about sounds like a great idea for dice with the letters of the alphabet on them. Here’s are 2 other 26-sided shapes, but they wouldn’t be “fair” in the sense of landing on each side with the same probability:

    this is a rubber bouncing d26 from gamescience that comes with stickers so you can make your own faces:

    and this is a paper die. i like the shape (rhombicuboctahedron):

    • I’m actually thinking of Fudge dice. a d28 or d26 would work mostly well for approximating 4dF (but, a d36 would be better). If the sides aren’t close to equal probability, that can be worked with (if you know which sides have which probability), but I wouldn’t really want to work with that as much.

  3. Here they are finished:

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