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Laser stories (1/3)

In this series of three weekly posts, I’ll show you how the laser engraver grows from its components up to a working machine ^^. The first post in the series, is just a mockup of the machine with some parts already glued on, no electronics and no connections.  It already looks promising.

External components:

  • Main laser + heatsink (half a heatsink of a computer processor)
  • Removable laser lid, to allow insertion and removal of dice in the cnc tray.
  • Main black enclosure.
  • Peekhole (white rectangular thingy, next to the laser) to inspect workpiece during operation.

Internal components:

  • X and Y carriages. Fully supported by rectified steel bars with self lubricated bushings.
  • Both motors, without screw connections to their carriages.

On the back, you can see a square hole, that will allow some airflow to go behind the stepper controllers. A 40mm computer fan will act as  exhaust fan.

The black cover will be fully glued, but the base will have removable screws, to allow for parts cleaning. 20 M2 screws will handle a secure union between carriage and cover box. That reminds me that I have to get hold of some “Danger, laser operation” stickers ^^.

Some missing parts will have to wait to the second post, like the drivers or the linear guide for coarse laser adjustment. I’ll probably post a video on youtube, doing some minor laser engraving.

For the inquiring minds, price per die is going to be between 8/15€, depending on design complexity. Of course, my laser engraving machine, is not competitive against any bigger dice company on big quantities, but it is the cutest of them all ^^U.

  • This laser engraving service, is for those who want 1 or 2 dice.

Also, I’m going to mantain a sales counter for the laser machine on the main page. Each sale, will be published with name and amount sold, until we achieve 200€, then I’ll upgrade the laser to a more powerful 1W laser, wich will enable a reduction in costs and times. ^^


One Response to “Laser stories (1/3)”

  1. Not quite accurate, since I doubt you’re using microwave lasers, but this is fun:


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