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Special requests.

From time to time, some adventurous individuals dare to ask for some real* custom dice. (they ain’t that expensive, yo!)

Mr. R. Wanted a seven sided die, more or less a replica of this medieval wooden die:

As you can see, the die has it’s pips on the faces, but for the seven sided die, they had to be on the edges, so I did this:

Mr. R. Liked it a lot, and he will do a review when it arrives to him.

Mr. B. on the other hand, wanted a full even sided set.

On the shop there is a D4. D6, D8, D10, D12, D14 set**, but he argued very convincingly ^^  that he had no use for the D14, and wanted a D20 instead (poll at the end of the post).

I was skeptical on that, because I already knew the D20 was going to be big, but gave it a try.

What came out was, in comparison to the other I make, a mastodontic die. Normally, my smaller dice weight around 10 grams (plastic D6’s weight 4,5 grams). This one, weighted a hefty 37,5 grams!!  It will leave marks on your wooden table, for sure!

Mr. B., however, was really happy with it’s size, so, another happy customer got what he needed.

* Made to their specifications.

** The D14 set is because 14 is the upper limit of even faces on that given diameter.

For the curious, the prices where:

D7: 10€

Full set with D20 instead of D14: 72€        (set with D14 is 65€)


6 Responses to “Special requests.”

  1. You know what I’d like to see, in full metal?

    Bipyramid dice.

    The classic d8 is a bipyramid die where each pyramid (top and bottom) has 4 sides.

    The classic d6 is similar (trapezohedron; you can look up both on wikipedia).

    For bipyramid, I think you’d start out by making a (N/2) sided cylindrical die (where N is the final number you want), draw a line at the equator of the cylinder, and make points at the axis. Then you’d taper the sides from the equator to the axis. (make sense?)

    Trapezohedron would be harder to do, because sides “north of the equator” would be a different alignment than “south of the equator”.

    30 sides total (15 x 2) is probably what I’d really want.

    1 labeled -4
    2 labeled -3
    3 labeled -2
    5 labeled -1
    8 labeled 0
    5 labeled +1
    3 labeled +2
    2 labeled +3
    1 labeled +4

    or maybe 26:

    1 labeled -4
    2 labeled -3
    3 labeled -2
    4 labeled -1
    6 labeled 0
    4 labeled +1
    3 labeled +2
    2 labeled +3
    1 labeled +4

  2. I am here to recommend anyone thinking of ordering dice, to do it! I am very satisfied with my custom die (D7) which is far superior to the other D7 out there (a pentagonal prism, with 2 pentagon faces and 5 squares). I have ran some probability trials with these two die and the custom die I had made is hands down more fair than the other. The only thing to note is this die (not speaking for the others) requires a really level playing surface, as the heptagonal shape is close enough to a circle that playing in your lap can lead to gravitational rolls. However, i again chalk this up to superior craftsmanship, as this is the shape I wanted and received.

    To the gentlemen above wanting to see the 30 sided die, I say pay the man and order it! You will not be disapointed!

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