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Finally: Raffle winners!

Well, I finally managed to focus a little bit, and assembled the promised post about the winners.

  1. Isidro Corral:
  2. He designed a very cool Cthulhu die, and also a “death” die in wich the number 1 is substituted by a skull with crossed bones. Very cool indeed. ^^

  3. Michael Wolf:
  4. After insisting just a little bit, Mr. Wolf appreciated the idea of custom dice for free and managed to get a little time being creative in that area.

    He choosed a Firefly ship on one die, and a “thumbs up” pipboy from fallout, in the other. Also, you can see how the antagonist face of the pipboy has a radioactive symbol on it. ^^

  5. Mark Cunningham:
  6. Finally, Mr. Cunningham, decided to go for half a set of FUDGE dice…but…you can’t expect someone to really do a good test with only half a set of dice, can you?…so, sir, make me proud of the effort of creating the full set ^^.

    His set is very cool.  All the symbols done with tentacles and branches, plus a small “Thedeadone” symbol on one of the blank faces of every die.


2 Responses to “Finally: Raffle winners!”

  1. I can’t wait to get them! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Great work! Very original the other Chtulhu dice too!

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