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Shop things…

Well…today I’ve got teeth pain, so no dice were made (can’t concentrate enough on a repetitive precision task), instead, I did a more creative work to focus on anything except my teeth.

“Wtf is that?” you might have thought. Well, it’s a dual axis die spinner. It’s purpose is to become a photorealistic animated gif for the webshop header.

When finished, it will rotate a die on the vertical axis as well as a 45 degree axis. It’s still missing the motor, but I have it lying around my desk, somewhere… (thank goodness you can’t see my table, it’s a creative war zone. ^^  ).

More updates next week.


5 Responses to “Shop things…”

  1. Will you have this for sale in the future?

  2. Wow! This is pretty cool. Everytime I think you can’t come up with something even more amazing, you prove me wrong!

  3. :O Amazing work!!! You should suffer teethache everyday 😛

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