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Raffle results!

Well, the week is over, and with it, the raffle.

I’m glad that a lot of people signed in, so it will be fun to see all your dice designs and reviews ^^. This time there where 24 participants, so I used a D30. Luckily, no result went over 24, so no rerolls where needed.

And the winners are:

  • 5 – Aaron, from allgeektout (drop due to lack of time, but got a consolation price). 12 – Mark, thedeadone.
  • 22 – Michael Wolf, from Stargazer’s World. (amazingly, it’s the same number the D30 was resting before rolling it 😀 )
  • 12 -Headless. (more amazingly, is that Headless also won some weeks ago, the Post apocalyptic contest)

Link to youtube video proof.

Congratulations for you all, I will contact everyone for their designs, and I’ll post them here when ready.


One Response to “Raffle results!”

  1. WOW! Thank you AGAIN!!!!!

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