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Walking the walk.

Since I published the howto on printing dice, I left the concept aside, and kept going further into laser and metal techniques. (also, noone that I know has made any)

This dawn I badly cut my own thumb while working on a secret/absurd dice project. The thing is that I cannot do much force to inlay metal, nor I will risk to bring my wound close to any of my etchant solutions. So I did some work, and when the wound bleed a little, I jumped into other things that didn’t require force, as the printed dice do.

While doing the Gnomestew dice, one of the concepts we tested for the 4th face was some spaceships. Metal etching does not have enough detail (in a small budget) to do a sci-fi spaceship. On the other hand, printing just depends on how good is your laser printer. Given that, I wanted some spaceships on a die…so, in a quick test, I did this two faces.

If you look closer, the spaceship has very low detail, but just one foot away, it is clear what it is, a spaceship. ^^

The other face is a test for a die inspired on old dial numbering.

Also, I am confident these dice withstand enough abuse as to sell them (and make custom orders),

Would you like another review raffle? Let me know.


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