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Epic Fail.

Well, we all know that when a product enters production, some of the quality is lost…

This time however, that loss has been too much, rendering some good dice into tiny paperweights.They say you learn from failures…but nobody remembers how bad you will feel.

See you tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Epic Fail.”

  1. I’m sorry to hear that! I can understand how frustrating this would be.

    I’ve emailed you — we can definitely figure this one out.

  2. What’s wrong with those dice?

    • you can compare the first (darker) die, with the rest, the bad ones are not fully etched, and the orbits and planets are distorted.

      • I can see that they are perhaps not as clean (things that are separate in some versions merge together in other versions, etc.). But I also see “four clearly readable star charts, each with 4 primary objects”.

        As pieces of art, they may not be up to the quality of the prototype. But, then, art is usually like that.

        But, as dice to be used … I don’t see the problem :-}

  3. Don’t worry! They aren’t so bad! 🙂

  4. I agree – not so bad at all! 🙂

  5. You see paperweights… I see discounted dice 😀
    Seriously, they still are better than novelty mass produced dice… and they are not cheap either: a set of novelty plastic dice, can cost between 12-20$ a set of five, and they are cheap molded plastic with some splashes of paint over…

  6. Thanks to everybody for the cheering ^^

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